Get Rid Of Outbox Entries From Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook cannot start

     Microsoft Outlook cannot start properly

Microsoft Outlook is the most preferred email application by a majority of computer users. Needless to say, Outlook users would come around millions. What makes Outlook special from other email clients? Well, the standard of emailing features offered by Microsoft Outlook cannot be equaled by anyone in the cadre, no matter whether others too help in sending or receiving email messages. However, Outlook even helps you in organizing your contacts, managing tasks, calendars, notes, schedules and others. It even helps you to prepare distribution lists and other tasks as well.

Not surprisingly, Outlook too faces error messages and sometimes you might receive a message that says Microsoft Outlook cannot start. Outlook just like other email clients is not exempted from any kind of errors and hence errors are quite common and they can be fixed too. The mails that are normally sent by you will be located in the Outbox and you could remove it from there as you wish. You can either remove them individually or remove them completely from Outbox. Sometimes that problem that you would face would not be ‘Microsoft Outlook cannot start’, but you may find it difficult to remove any of the email entries in your Outlook outbox.

If you are facing such a trouble, you can follow the instructions given below and the same can be followed for both 2003 and 2007 versions of Microsoft Outlook.


  • Open Microsoft Outlook and select Outbox and you will find the same on the left pane.
  • organizing your contacts

            cannot start Outlook

    Now right click the item that you wish to delete from your Outlook outbox and select Delete. Now verify whether the same item is present on your Outbox or not.

  • If you still find the same item in Outbox, you can close Microsoft Outlook. Turn off your antivirus firewall or uninstall your antivirus software that is blocking your move and you can restart Microsoft Outlook. Try to delete the file by following the instructions above.
  • If you still find the item in your Outbox, you can click on the Start button on your desktop and click on Run and type Outlook/safe.
  • Select OK and try to open Microsoft Outlook once again. This step will probably delete the undesired item from your Outlook outbox.

These are the different steps that you can follow to delete an item from the Outlook outbox.

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What To Do When Microsoft Outlook Crashes

Outlook crashes

        Outlook not working

You might have seen the error message ‘Outlook not working’. If you are an Outlook user, you will certainly have to deal with some unexpected Outlook problems. Oftentimes, the problems can be due to some minor changes in the application. Knowing how to fix the minor issues in your Outlook application is a must if you are a regular user of the application.

Outlook problems can be many such as unable to send emails, problems with the address book or calendar, unable to open the Outlook folders or invalid XML or the like. If your Outlook application crashes all of a sudden leaving you frustrated as you can’t open the application anymore, here is a simple method to help you. This method is simple and thus you do not need to be a tech expert to perform it.


  • Turn on your PC and go straight to the Start menu.
  • Select Computer from the dropdown menu and locate the C drive and double-click on it to open.
  • Go to the Program files and look for the folder titled Microsoft Office.
  • In the Microsoft Office folder, locate the file titled Outlook.exe. Usually, the file is located in the sub-directory titled Office.
  • Determine your Outlook version. If you are using Outlook 2010 version, the Outlook.exe file will be found in the sub-directory titled Office10.
  • Highlight the Outlook.exe file and right-click on it.
  • Choose Properties from the resulting dropdown menu.
  • Select the checkbox before the option that says Run this program in compatibility mode. Save the changes you have made in the settings by pressing the OK button located at the bottom-right corner of the Properties screen.

    Microsoft Office folder

           Outlook folders

  • Close all the folders and launch your Outlook application. It should work without any flaws now.

By executing these above instructions, you would be able to repair your crashed Outlook application. Remember, most Outlook issues can be fixed via simple methods like this. If you see the ‘Outlook not working’ error message again, due to any other reasons, you can get the troubleshooting steps to fix the issue by visiting the Outlook help forum online. Outlook help forums contain articles pertaining to hundreds of common Outlook problems and their troubleshooting steps. Before you look for troubleshooting steps at the Outlook help forum, understand the issue carefully. Note down the error message you see when the issue first surfaced and enter it correctly when you search for the troubleshooting steps.

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Why Outlook Fails To Load At Times

Outlook will not load

Microsoft Outlook

We all know that Microsoft Outlook is the most popular and widely used email manager program in the world with millions of people using it on a day to day basis for managing their email accounts. Even though the company that developed the program- Microsoft has taken special care to make the program error free and smooth, occasionally Microsoft Outlook shows some errors when you try to open the program. One of the most commonly found error that makes the Outlook program corrupt is when you launch the program, saying Outlook will not load. Here we discuss some tips for making sure that the Outlook program functions correctly.

One of the important things you should check before you launch the program is to make sure that the system is already connected to the internet. The Outlook program will load quicker if you have a working internet connection and you are already connected to it before opening the program. Another important thing to check is the speed of the connection you have. A slow internet connection is one of the main reasons why Outlook will not load properly when you launch the program.

Having an internet connection with high-speed connectivity will help you in opening the Outlook program quickly. If you are unsure on the issue causing Outlook to not load, select the option called Run Offline from the Outlook home button. If the program loaded successfully and swiftly when in offline mode, the problem is with the internet connection speed. So it will be better if you move on to a connection with high connection speed so that you will be able to load the Outlook program successfully.

Email manager

Why Outlook will not load

One of the main factors affecting the loading time of the Outlook program is the ancillary information you have provided with the program. You need to be sure of the ancillary information you are accessing while you are loading the Outlook program. Opening Outlook and downloading large number of emails from multiple accounts at the same time will cause the Outlook program to run slow and load slowly. Always make sure that you do not have many emails for downloading and set a limit for accounts to be synchronized at a time with the program.

If you follow the simple tips given above, you will not be having issues while launching the Outlook email manager program.

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Troubleshooting Corrupt PST Files In Outlook

Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook

Repairing Broken Archived Files In Outlook

MS Outlook stores all information about your emails, calendar entries and contacts in a Personal Folder or PST file. You could also set up Outlook to archive files after a few days. These archived files are also stored as PST files. If a PST file becomes corrupt you may find that you cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Maybe the corruption is in the archived messages.

Instructions to repair your PST files quickly

  1. Click on the File option and select Exit to close the Microsoft Outlook program.
  2. Open the Windows Explorer program. Look through your file system to see where the MS outlook program was saved. If your machine is a 32-bit system then this will be present in the location c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office XX, where the XX denotes the version number of Office. In a 64-bit Windows system you can locate the Outlook files in the memory location c:\Program Files (x68)\Microsoft Office\Office XX.
  3. Double click on the option scanpst.exe. click on Browse and then navigate to this memory location: c:\users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook. Double click on archive.pst.
  4. Click on the Start option and then wait. The utility will scan through the archived PST files and report if it detects any errors or corruptions in the file. You will be notified of all the errors or corruptions.

    Windows Explorer

    Corrupt Pst Files Can Prevent Outlook From Starting

  5. Now select the Make Backup of Scanned Files Before Repairing option. This is extremely important as sometimes if a sever error or corruption occurs trying to fix it could result in a lot of data loss. This option makes a backup of the corrupted PST file before repairing the original.
  6. Click Repair and close the window as soon as the repair process gets finished.

The scanpst.exe tools are sufficiently powerful tool and can deal with most regular corruptions and errors. However, there are other third party tools built especially for Outlook that are way more powerful and faster a detecting and fixing errors. The scanpst tool often fails if the corruption or error is too severe. You could find all these third party tools of the internet easily and most of them are free. For a small amount, you could get the premium version and keep it handy if you encounter similar problems again.

If you still find that you cannot start Microsoft Outlook then it is high time that you get some professional help. You could ask for advice from the Outlook help desk team.

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Resolving ActiveSync Cannot Log Onto Microsoft Outlook Error Message

Cannot start Outlook

Outlook tools menu

When an unsuccessful sync issue of a Windows mobile device that has a pocket PC 2002 with Outlook 2002 occurs, an “ActiveSync Cannot Log Onto Microsoft Outlook” error message is visible. For the process of automated .PST file backup by availing Outlook Personal Folders Backup software installation, users witness this error message. The below mentioned cannot start Outlook guidelines have to be followed in order to resolve issues concerning the error.

Deleting Outlook backup

  • Access Microsoft Outlook installed in the computer.
  • From the toolbar, choose Tools menu and click on Options.
  • Choose Other tab and choose Advanced Options.
  • Select COM Add-Ins and choose Outlook Backup Add-in.
  • Choose Remove and for closing the dialog boxes, choose OK button thrice. Exit all programs and perform a reboot of the system.
  • Now perform the ActiveSync synchronization.

Deleting personal folders backup

  • Click on the Start button and the Start menu will pop up. From the menu, choose Control Panel. When the Control Panel window appears, choose Add Or Remove Programs.
  • From the list, search and locate Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders Backup and choose it.
  • Select Remove.
  • For the successful removal of the program, comply with the on screen instructions.
  • Now perform the ActiveSync synchronization.

Renaming process and reinstallation

  • Click on the Start button and the Start menu will appear on screen. Choose All Programs. Select Accessories and click on Windows Explorer.
  • Go to the location C:\Program Files. Check if a folder by the name Microsoft is available. Get an idea of the different sub folders that are available.
  • Create an essential backup and keep the backup contents in a folder having a suitable name and the name should not be Microsoft.
  • Access Start menu and choose Control Panel.
  • The Control Panel window will appear on screen.
  • Choose Add Or Remove Programs.

    Windows mobile device

    .PST files in Outlook

  • The Add Or Remove Programs list is available on screen. Choose the programs that were available on the Microsoft folder and choose Remove or Change/Remove option.
  • For the successful removal of the program, comply to the on screen instructions.
  • Right click on the Microsoft folder and choose Rename. Rename it as Microsoft Programs.
  • Perform a reinstallation of the different programs.

By following the above mentioned cannot start Outlook guidelines, the quick and easy resolving of the “ActiveSync Cannot Log Onto Microsoft Outlook” message can be done.

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