Some Of The Common Reasons And Solutions For Outlook Startup Issues

Microsoft Outlook Cannot Start

        Microsoft Outlook Problems

Microsoft Outlook is a great application that helps people to manage emails and other personal information. People use it for both personal and official uses of sending emails to different people. Though it is much helpful in increasing productivity, sometimes it affects the work that you are doing due to damaged PST files and corrupts these files. Likewise, there are many other issues that arise in Outlook. Here are some of the issues that usually arise in Outlook along with their solutions.

One of the issue that is common with this email application is the ‘Microsoft Outlook cannot start’ issue. Usually when you try to launch the application, it needs to look for and load certain files and folders that are necessary for Outlook to run properly. In very few cases, Outlook does not respond when you try to open. Moreover, when you restart the computer and try to open the email application, you will find it working fine. This does not have to be an effective solution all the time.

Antivirus And Anti-Spam Programs

All security programs such as antivirus and anti spam software are developed in such a way that they keep the computer along with the files, folders, data, applications and such safe from any threats or infections. Hence, they work on a particular algorithm that helps them do the assigned task.

Malfunctioning Of Outlook

             Microsoft Outlook Issues

When you utilize a security program in the computer that is an overly secure anti spam or antivirus program, with settings that are stringent, this might result in malfunctioning of Outlook. For instance, when you have set Outlook to send replies automatically, it has to send them accordingly. The issue with stringent antivirus programs is that they would consider this as a threat and will abruptly handle the emailing system. The software would block all the plug-ins that you use in Outlook; eventually the application itself would stop responding.

Outlook Email File Size

Outlook mailbox file size increases as and how the number of emails accumulate in the inbox. The time taken to send and receive will be all the more longer when the mailbox size increases in Outlook. This will eventually affect the time with which Outlook responds to each action. When you look for a particular email, the time taken to search the email will be forever.

If you find that Microsoft Outlook cannot start in your computer normally, you may contact our tech support desk and get appropriate assistance to troubleshoot the same.

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The Process Of Fixing PST Files In Outlook

Cannot Start Outlook

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If you’re a regular Outlook user, then there’s more than a slim chance that you know what a PST file is. This is the backup file which Outlook uses to store all your private information, at least what you feed into the email client. Sometimes, these files can get corrupted, and this could be from a variety of reasons, just like when you cannot start Outlook. Given below is what you need to know about repairing corrupted PST files.

PST stands for Personal Storage Table, and such a file contains all the information stored under a single user account. Under this, you have email messages, calendar items, contacts, etc. You could opt to store these locally on the server, or have them saved online. The default location setting to find these files is C: \Documentsand Settings \USER \Local Settings \Application Data \MicrosoftOutlook, assuming USER is the login name you use. Your active mailbox information can be found in a file named Outlook.pst, while the archived information will be inside archive.pst.

Outlook Windows

             Outlook Errors

For repairing PST file corruption, you can use the inbuilt Inbox Repair Tool, which can be found in the C: \Program Files \Common Files \SYSTEM \MSMAPI \1033 folder. This is one way to fix the problem where you cannot start Outlook. The file that you need to open is named Scanpst.exe. You have to make sure that all Outlook windows are closed before you run this tool. When you do, you’ll be asked which file you’re looking to repair. Browse the file system, find the file, and select it. Then hit the Start button for the repair to start. You might get an error if Scanpst.exe is not in the above location, in which case you need to place it there. If you’re unable to do this for some reason, then find CNFNOT32.EXE in your computer and open it. This will unpack and install Scanpst.exe in the folder where it’s supposed to be.

The repair toll will check for errors in the PST file, and upon finding any, make the necessary changes to get rid of it. This tool might not be able to fix all the corrupted data, in which case you might have to contact a third party solutions provider to take care of the problem. There are plenty of IT support companies you can call; some of them, like Omni Tech support, would take care of the data retrieval in the most efficient manner. Other than that, you could also try out a few third party tools to get the job done.

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Steps To Fix Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook Error

Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook

              Features Of Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is one of the best email programs that have millions of users around the globe. The major attraction of this email client is that it has a simple interface and is easy to setup. Even though the program has numerous features, it can also give a few errors to the users. One of the major errors encountered by the Outlook users is Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook, which comes up while trying to launch the program.

There could be numerous reasons for the occurrence of this error. Now, in this post, we will find out how to fix this issue.

Issues with add-ins

Add-ins are programs that are designed and developed to ease the use of Outlook. However, these add-ins can become corrupted. When the add-ins become corrupted, it can lead to errors in the Outlook program. Now, in order to determine whether the issue is associated with an add-in, you need to start Outlook in safe mode. In order to launch Outlook in safe mode, open the Run window from the Start menu and enter outlook.exe /safe in it and click the button OK. If the Outlook program comes up, it means that the error is associated with an add-in in the program. Disable each add-in one by one and find out the add-in that is causing the trouble. Remove this add-in permanently.

In order to disable the add-ins, choose the option Tool from the menu bar and click Trust Center. Choose the option Add-ins and locate the corrupted add-in. Select the add-in or add-ins in the box Manage and remove the check mark next to the add-ins. Click the button OK.

Outlook Support

           Outlook Email Configuration

If the issue is not with the add-ins, it could be associated with the email profile. In this situation, creating a new email profile would fix the issue. In order to create an email profile, open the Control Panel window from the Start menu. Double click and open the icon for Mail. Choose the option Mail Setup. Select the option Show Profiles. Go to the tab General. Mark the option Prompt for a profile to be used and choose the button Add. Follow the onscreen commands and create a new profile for your email address.

With the above guidelines, you will able to fix the error, Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook. If you are still unable to fix the issue, you may contact the Outlook support center or contact our technical support team.

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How To Fix The Error 'Cannot Start Outlook'

Cannot Start Outlook

Features Of Outlook

You might be in a hurry to view your emails on the Outlook program and double click the shortcut icon for Outlook only to receive the error message cannot start Outlook. This error can come up due to a number of reasons. In this post, we will find out how to fix this issue.

The above-mentioned error can come up if the program is running in the compatibility mode. Therefore, check this first, with the help of the below mentioned steps.

Steps Involved

  • If the Outlook program is running, close it down.
  • Go to the following location in your computer.
  • If you are using 32 bit of Windows OS, then go to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15
  • If you are using the 64 bit version of Windows OS, then navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office15
  • Locate the file Outlook.exe and right click it. Choose the option Properties and then select Compatibility.
  • Check whether there is a check mark in the box for Run this Program in Compatibility Mode. If there is a check mark, remove it.
  • Select the option Apply and then choose OK.
  • Launch Outlook and verify if the issue has been fixed.

If the above steps did not help you to fix the issue, reset the navigation pane of the program to fix the issue. Follow the steps below for this.

  • Close Outlook email client.
  • Open the Start menu and click the option Run. This will open the Run window. You may also press the key Windows and R together to open the Run window.
  • In the run window, type Outlook.exe /resetnavpane. Click the button OK. Try to launch Outlook and verify if the issue has been fixed.

If both the above steps fail, try to make a newly created profile as the default one. Follow the steps below to setup a new profile as the default profile in the program.

  • Open the Control Panel window.
  • Locate the mail icon in the window and double click it to open.
  • Choose the option Show Profile in the program.

    Outlook Email Client

    Fix Outlook Issues

  • Select the newly created profile in the program and choose the option Always use this profile.
  • Choose the button OK.
  • Try to launch Outlook.

With the above steps, you can fix the error cannot start Outlook. If you have any queries regarding the steps mentioned above, you may contact our technical support team.


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Issues With Outlook 2007? Disable Outlook Add-Ins

Outlook Will Not Load

        Microsoft Outlook Setting

Microsoft Outlook 2007 is a great tool used for emailing and organizing, which incorporates email protocols such as IMAP, POP3 and Exchange, in addition to many more functions that are very much useful. Hence, for the same reason, there are many users utilizing Outlook for personal as well as official uses. It makes their work easier, eventually increasing the productivity in a short period of time.

Even though Outlook is very useful, at times Outlook tends to give you troubles. In some cases, Outlook will not load or work on it effectively. It may become non-responsive, not letting the users do the intended work. This is a common issue and some of its reasons are,

  • A corrupt Outlook installation.
  • Conflicts with the Outlook add-ins.
  • Incorrect desktop shortcuts.

These issues are common in Windows Vista PCs, but there is a chance that Windows XP and Windows 7 users face the same. Read on to fix the issue at the earliest.

First step is to disable Outlook add-ins in the computer. Plenty of add-ins are available to work better with Outlook 2007. Some of the tools are used to scan emails and their attachments for security threats such as viruses and many more. In some cases, there might also be some connectors with other emails services, which Outlook is not compatible with.

In some cases, these add-ins might be the ones developed by third party companies or by Microsoft itself. In either of these cases, it is necessary to disable the add-ins before running, when Outlook will not load. In any case, when there are issues with Outlook, the first thing you need to do is to disable the add-ins and then reopen the application.

Microsoft Outlook 2007

             Microsoft Outlook Features

To run the program without add-ins, you need to restart the computer and when the computer boots back, it should be in Safe mode. In safe mode, only services from Microsoft run. All the other third party services and software including the antivirus are disabled. Alternatively, you can run Outlook in Safe mode by following the steps given below.

  • Click on the Start button on the desktop, then Run and then type outlook /safe and then hit Enter.
  • This will open Outlook in Safe Mode, click on Tools and then select Trust center and then Add-ins.

You will get a list of all the extensions and add-ins installed in the computer. To disable them, all you need to do is clear the check boxes before their respective names. After this, try launching Microsoft Outlook 2007 again.

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