Resolving Outlook Connection To Server Cannot Be Established Issue

Microsoft Outlook Cannot Start

Outlook Issue

Microsoft Outlook, one of the best email clients in the world, offers users multiple features for comprehensive organization and personal data management. Some of the features such as calendar, appointment scheduler and many others can offer ways to organize contacts, data and mails. There is also a web browser as well as an email software.

Users of the email client will be able to work offline on many of these features. But, for syncing appointments in the calendar with friends, colleagues or family, or for sending and receiving email messages, Microsoft Outlook needs to log onto the Internet through a server. In case Microsoft outlook cannot start, you may require checking your Internet connection or you can also try manually connecting. First, check your Internet Connection by following the below provided steps.

  • You need to launch the browser. You can use the feature for going through the Internet and enter a URL in the navigation bar. Now, if you are able to load pages, you can move on to the Section II. In case you are not able to load any content, you can move on to the next step.
  • After that, you can disconnect your modem or router from your system. You need to unplug the modem or router for turning it off.
  • Reboot your system by clicking on the Start button and then clicking on Restart. Let it restart normally.
  • You need to reconnect your modem or router to your system and then turn it back on. After that, you can launch your Internet browser and try loading pages.

    Launch Microsoft Outlook

    Outlook Problem

  • Launch Outlook by clicking on Start and then clicking on the Outlook icon. In case you still receive an error message that Microsoft Outlook cannot start or establish a connection to the server, proceed to the next section.

Manually connect to the server in the email client

  • First, you need to launch Microsoft Outlook by clicking on Start and then clicking on the shortcut icon.
  • You need to click on File in the top menu bar and then click on Connect to… (It is followed by whichever user name you are trying to send/ receive email messages.) The email program will then attempt reestablishing a connection to the server.
  • You can send a test email to your own account after that.

Above steps should resolve the issue concerning to the error – Outlook Connection to Server Cannot be Established. Contact our tech support desk for any further assistance with the steps.

Procedure To Locate The Outlook Web Access Server Address


Outlook Help

Now, when it comes to the default Outlook Web Access (OWA) address that is in the Microsoft Exchange Server environment, it can really be tricky for users and you may find it hard to roll off the tongue. Usually, you will see that it defaults to You will be able to change the URL for OWA within the IIS Manager on the server while hosting Outlook Web Access. It is possible for you to change the entire address to anything you would want.

Now, when it comes to Microsoft Exchange users accessing their email accounts using Outlook Web Access, they need to have the address, or URL, for the software company’s Exchange Server. There are now two real ways for checking for the Outlook Web Access server address. The users ask their network administrator for the server address or they will be able to check their Account Settings section in Outlook for verifying support for OWA. Now when your Microsoft Outlook cannot start or some other issue such as Outlook Web Access server address is hard to locate, there are ways to resolve them with ease.

First, the best option you have is to ask the Network Administrator for the OWA Server Address. Then, you need to check with the Microsoft Exchange or network administrator for checking whether the company supports Outlook Web Access. You will see that the network administrator needs to supply the server address, which then appears in the form https://<Domain Name>/OWA. You need to know that the username and password to Outlook Web Access will be the same as the domain username and password needed to log onto an office workstation.

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Outlook Web Access

Check the settings of Microsoft Outlook Account

Log into the system in the office, open Microsoft Outlook and then click on File and then hit Account Settings. The OWA server address, if it at all it is present, will be displayed below the text Access this account on the web. You need to copy the link and then paste it into the browser window and after that you need to press Enter. In the next step, you need to enter the domain username and then the password in the OWA logon screen.

In case you find that Microsoft Outlook cannot start, you may contact our tech support desk and get appropriate assistance to get the program back to working again.

Unable To Launch Microsoft Outlook

Cannot Start Outlook

                  Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook, the email management program developed by Microsoft corporation, offers a variety of features that help improve the emailing convenience and experience of users. Though the email client functions near about perfectly most of the time, there are many possible issues that might occur with the email program. For instance, after switching off the Exchange Server, you may receive the following error message when you start up MS Outlook. The messages such as ‘Cannot start Outlook’ might appear. Or, it might become unable to open the Outlook windows. You may have to create a new Google Apps Email profile for Outlook to work around this.

You need to follow the following steps for creating your new Google Apps Email for the email client.

  • First, you need to go to Start, and then go to Settings. Then go to Control Panel
  • After that, you need to double click on Mail icon.
  • Then, you will see the Mail Setup, the Outlook dialog box. In that, you need to click on Show Profiles…
  • You will be able to see your default profile here. You need to click on Add…
  • After that, you can type in Google Apps and this should be under Profile Name. Then click on Ok
  • You will see that Outlook wizard box will appear and you need to click on Add a new e-mail account
  • After that, you need to click on IMAP. Then, you need to click on Next
  • You need to enter your email details.



  • After that, you need to enter the user name details.
  • You need to then click on More Settings…
  • You need to click on Outgoing Server tab and then click on My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication and Use same settings as my incoming mail server

    Microsoft Outlook

                          Outlook Issues

  • Then, you need to click on Advanced tab and click on This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL) for both IMAP and SMTP. You need to change Outgoing server (SMTP) to 465
  • Then, you need to click Ok, then click again on Ok and Finish respectively. You now have finished adding a new e-mail account.
  • Now, you will see the Google Apps profile and then click on Always use this profile in the drop down box and then select Google Apps

This way, you will be able to use the new Google Apps mail system. Even the ‘Cannot start Outlook’ problem will be rectified after creating this new profile.

Some Of The Reasons For Outlook Not Working

Outlook Not Working

Microsoft Outlook Problems

Outlook is one of the popular email clients extensively used by people for official and personal emailing needs. Even though the application does its job very well, sometimes you might find Outlook not working as expected. For instance, you might notice messages saying Outlook Not Responding while trying to use the software application.

There are numerous reasons for Outlook not responding properly, some of them are listed below.

Synchronization Or Auto Archiving

Outlook by default is configured to archive emails. This auto archiving is done in order to decrease the size of the mailbox. The size of the mailbox increases with every incoming email. On the other hand, when a device is connected to the computer, Outlook would by default try to connect to the connected device. With the help of third party tools, Outlook will be able to connect to the device that is given.

It also helps Outlook in synchronizing with the device. All things go well until, the number of devices connected to the system increases and Outlook tries to communicate with all of them. This would therefore increase the response time of the system and eventually Outlook would not respond.

Issues With Outlook.Exe

You can say that Outlook is one of the most effective and most complicated applications. It is effective because it has a number of features included. It is complicated because apart from mailing, it is also used as a connectivity tool for different devices. When the software or a part of the software system turns out to be bad or faulty, Outlook will become all the more hungry for additional resources. This results in crashing of the system or the malfunction of the software.

Offline Mode In Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Functions

Exchange Or IMAP Accounts

Special features like partial download of emails and offline mode in Outlook are offered when you use Microsoft Exchange accounts or IMAP accounts. When any of the Outlook session is not connected to the Microsoft Exchange server, or when you have configured Outlook to download only the headers, this would lead to some issues. When Outlook is configured in such a way, it will take even more time to retrieve the rest of the email.

Though there are many more issues that arise in Outlook apart from the ones mentioned, Outlook has some in-built tools that help in resolving them with ease. If you find Outlook not working even after following these guidelines, contact our tech support desk for further assistance.

Some Tips For Boosting A Slow Outlook Email Client

Outlook Will Not Load

Resolve Outlook Problems

Have you noticed recently that your Outlook is running slower than it used to? According to experts, ‘Outlook will not load’ is a common issue cited by most Outlook users. There are many reasons for this annoying problem. The directions given here will help you figure out the exact cause of this problem and resolve it on your own.

Deactivate the unnecessary add-ins

Outlook comes with a few built-in add-ins. In addition to this, users are allowed to add their favourite add-ins with Outlook. And, the more the add-ins in Outlook, the slower it becomes. By de-activating some of the add-ins that you rarely use, you can make Outlook work better and faster. Here are the simple steps for de-activating un-necessary Outlook add-ins.


  • Navigate to Windows Explorer and click-open the C: drive.
  • Locate and open the Programs folder. Click-open Microsoft Office folder followed by Office12.
  • Locate the Outlook.exe file in the Office12 folder and right-click it. Select Run as Administrator from the resulting menu. This will launch Outlook.
  • When the application is fully loaded, navigate to the Tools option that is located at the top menu and select Trust Centre from the sub menu.

    Launch Outlook

    Slow Loading Outlook

  • Choose any Add-ins you have from the menu you see on the left side. After that, go to the bottom of the dialogue box to select the Go button. You will get a dropdown list there with all the add-ins you have in Outlook. Un-check the add-ins that you wish to disable. You can uncheck all add-ins except the ones for Windows indexing. Also, make sure that you don’t do any changes to the Exchange Client Extensions.

Archive Outlook Data

Another frequent reason that leads to Outlook will not load issues is the oversize of the PST file. Outlook saves its data in its default PST file. Over time, the PST file gets bigger. As a result, you will start to face all sorts of Outlook problems such as Outlook will not open, Outlook will not send email, Outlook fails to receive emails, etc. The easiest way to evade these types of errors is to archive your important Outlook data and purge the unnecessary emails.

Procedure To Stop Microsoft Outlook From Starting When Windows OS Boots

Outlook Not Working

Microsoft Outlook Issues

Microsoft develops various kinds of software products, computer and gaming devices, services, servers etc. Microsoft Outlook is an email program bundled in Microsoft Office, a suite of servers, services and applications developed by Microsoft. Arguably the most heavily used email clients in the business world, Outlook offers many good features for the users. Users can set up multiple email accounts so as to access all the mails in one place. There are many things you can do with this powerful email management program that can actually enhance emailing convenience and business communication, to a great extent.

The popular email client is an email program allowing users to organize, manage and access email, send/receive emails, create schedules, allocate tasks and various other things. Microsoft Outlook can prove to be a useful program, most of the time, but it can be irritating for those who are not using them often, or who do not require using it at all. Now, when the email program starts automatically when you turn on your system, the boot up will take a longer time or it may also happen that Outlook not working properly and Outlook will take up your RAM space, which is your temporary memory. You need not worry, because there are some easy ways to deactivate Outlook from your start up whenever you turn on your system. Take a look at the solution mentioned below.

To change Start Up application with themsconfig’ command

  • First, click on Start and then go to Run.  After that, you need to type msconfig in the box and click on the OK button.  When it comes to vista, you can type msconfig directly into the search field.
  • Then, you need to click on the OK button, then click Startup tab.
  • You can go through the list and then uncheck any boxes concerning Microsoft Outlook, and then click on Apply.

    Deactivate Outlook

    Outlook Issues And Fixes

Windows Defender to modify Startup Programs

Next, you can use Windows Defender to change Startup

  • First, you need to click on Start and then go to Control Panel and then click on Windows Defender.
  • After that, you need to click on Tools, and then launch Software Explorer. You will see that Explorer starts with the dropdown menu already set to Startup Programs.
  • Then, choose Microsoft Outlook in the list on the left and then click on Disable.


This way, you can avoid Outlook booting when Windows loads, also avoiding Outlook not working and long Windows OS load time.

How To Run An Older Outlook Version In Windows 7?

Microsoft Outlook Cannot Start

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Compatibility issues are quite common when you try to run any of your legacy applications in a new PC with a new Windows operating system. Take for instance Microsoft Outlook. You may have recently upgraded the operating system in your PC to Windows 7 or got Windows 7 when you bought a brand new PC. But you wish to run an older version of Microsoft Outlook in it because you have a licensed copy of it and moreover you do want to waste your money on buying the latest Outlook version. I am quite sure that you will come across some issues when you try to set up Outlook in the new ecosystem. Most probably, you would get an error message stating that Microsoft Outlook cannot start.

Solution for the problem

According to Microsoft Outlook experts, the best way to deal with compatibility issues between an older Outlook version and a new Windows version is to run the former in administrator mode. In order to the run Outlook in Administrator mode, open the program and navigate to the Properties settings.

In Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 7, there is an excellent security feature. This feature would not allow system settings to be affected by any authorized changes in your PC. This particular feature mandates that the administrator has to approve the system changes should it take effect. For that, the administrator has to login to the PC.

In the case of configuring an older Outlook version in Windows 7, the administrator has to approve it. Below are the steps.


  • As a first step, you are supposed to disable the User Account Control (UAC) feature. Once that is done, go to the next step.

    Outlook Support Desk

          Outlook Compatibility With Windows 7

  • Go to the Start button and choose All Programs from the resulting menu.
  • Find Microsoft Outlook from the All Programs list.
  • Right-click the program and choose Properties from the resulting dropdown list. This will open up the Properties dialogue box.
  • Select the table titled Compatibility from the Properties box.
  • In the Compatibility section, verify that the checkbox before Run This Program as an Administrator is chosen. Click OK to save the changes you have made in the settings and exit the window.

You have now enabled your older Outlook version to work without any compatibility issues in your latest Windows 7 operating system. If the Microsoft Outlook cannot starterror pops up again, contact our Outlook support desk.

Using Registry Cleaner To Fix Microsoft Outlook Errors

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   Troubleshooting Outlook Issues

Microsoft Outlook is not merely an extremely useful program capable of handling all our email requirements. It is also extremely intelligent software capable of troubleshooting various problems that can automatically crop up. It has advanced features that safeguard all your data and also features various tools using which you can troubleshoot your PC. If you know how to operate Outlook and make use of the various features it contains, you will be able to retrieve all your data no matter what issue props up and affects the Outlook software.

In rare circumstances, no amount of troubleshooting will solve the crippling Microsoft Outlook errors. It would display error messages that do not make sense and internet queries won’t yield any result as well. Such Outlook not working errors prop up because of deeper issues with the operating system itself. The frustrating experience of having to deal with the complexity of the issue is compounded when the problem remains unsolved even after complete removal and re-installation of the software. In such circumstances, you will have to make changes to the Windows Registry in order to correct the issue.

Window Registry is an extremely complex system, responsible for filing vital information about different configurations of the programs installed in your computer. These configurations decide how the program communicates with each other, the user and the hardware device. The Windows Registry values determine how well your programs work. Programs regularly edit the registry, sometimes creating errors as a result of it. Sometimes, malicious programs purposefully cause Windows Registry issues. Debugging the Windows Registry by rewriting the corrupt values with the right values will solve the issue.

Microsoft Outlooks

        Outlook Windows Registry Issues

Hence, if you are an amateur when it comes to computers, it is best to stay away from the Windows Registry editor and make use of third party Registry cleaner which is capable of troubleshooting the information automatically. Umpteen software capable of making changes to the Windows Registry are available online and selecting the best one will help you troubleshoot issues with your computer. Such software are extremely user friendly and require minimal effort from your part.

Once you run the Registry cleaner and press the Start button, the program will automatically rummage through your Registry values and fix the corrupt ones. Any unsolved Outlook not working problems can be easily solved once the registry cleaner has done its work. If this does not solve your issue or if your system requires further troubleshooting, you can contact our technical support center.

Reasons Why Outlook Freezes When Replying To Emails

Outlook Not Working

           Outlook Error And Troubleshooting

Microsoft Outlook is a popular email client program that finds much application in workplaces. It is capable of receiving emails from multiple email accounts. The reason Outlook became so popular and dominated the email client market for so long is because of the various different productivity applications that it features. Using them, the user is able to work through all the different emails, giving priority to the ones that require immediate attention. The user is able to set reminders, and send out mass emails to several different people at the same time.

However, Microsoft Outlook has certain issues of its own. Because it’s an email client application that receives online messages, it is susceptible to various virus attacks. Moreover, after updating Outlook, new bugs might pop up out of nowhere. While certain bugs disable specific features in Outlook, few of them may cause Outlook to stop working all together. Many users have come across bugs that cause Outlook to close or freeze when the user is sending out emails. Outlook not working error causes understandable frustration. Troubleshooting the issue by updating Outlook as soon as possible is the only viable solution for such bugs.

If the email you have received is in Rich Text Format, Microsoft Word, the program used by Outlook to open the email, will not be able to function. The error messages that manifest from this error may be of many different formats, while some state that Outlook will immediately close, certain others may display gibberish while causing Outlook to freeze immediately.

Microsoft Outlook

              Outlook Automatic Updates

Another common issue with Outlook is when the messages you have received are HTML based instead of the usual Rich Text Format and are meant to display the email like a website. If the HTML file is corrupt due to any missing tag, the Outlook program will freeze when you press the Reply button. You will have no option but to close the program using the Task Manager.

In such circumstances, the definite solution that will fix the Outlook not working issue is Windows Update. Make sure you have all the latest updates installed, by opening the Windows Update window from inside the Start menu (located inside All Programs). Click on Check for Updates and download and install every relevant update that you see. Once you make these changes, Outlook will run without causing further issues.

In rare cases, this solution might not work. In such situations, it is best to contact our tech support service and receive further troubleshooting instructions.

Some Of The Common Reasons And Solutions For Outlook Startup Issues

Microsoft Outlook Cannot Start

        Microsoft Outlook Problems

Microsoft Outlook is a great application that helps people to manage emails and other personal information. People use it for both personal and official uses of sending emails to different people. Though it is much helpful in increasing productivity, sometimes it affects the work that you are doing due to damaged PST files and corrupts these files. Likewise, there are many other issues that arise in Outlook. Here are some of the issues that usually arise in Outlook along with their solutions.

One of the issue that is common with this email application is the ‘Microsoft Outlook cannot start’ issue. Usually when you try to launch the application, it needs to look for and load certain files and folders that are necessary for Outlook to run properly. In very few cases, Outlook does not respond when you try to open. Moreover, when you restart the computer and try to open the email application, you will find it working fine. This does not have to be an effective solution all the time.

Antivirus And Anti-Spam Programs

All security programs such as antivirus and anti spam software are developed in such a way that they keep the computer along with the files, folders, data, applications and such safe from any threats or infections. Hence, they work on a particular algorithm that helps them do the assigned task.

Malfunctioning Of Outlook

             Microsoft Outlook Issues

When you utilize a security program in the computer that is an overly secure anti spam or antivirus program, with settings that are stringent, this might result in malfunctioning of Outlook. For instance, when you have set Outlook to send replies automatically, it has to send them accordingly. The issue with stringent antivirus programs is that they would consider this as a threat and will abruptly handle the emailing system. The software would block all the plug-ins that you use in Outlook; eventually the application itself would stop responding.

Outlook Email File Size

Outlook mailbox file size increases as and how the number of emails accumulate in the inbox. The time taken to send and receive will be all the more longer when the mailbox size increases in Outlook. This will eventually affect the time with which Outlook responds to each action. When you look for a particular email, the time taken to search the email will be forever.

If you find that Microsoft Outlook cannot start in your computer normally, you may contact our tech support desk and get appropriate assistance to troubleshoot the same.