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Rumours were rife about the return of the Start button to Windows 8 through the Windows 8.1 Update 2 until recently. However, lately it has been reported by some tech journals that Microsoft would not return Start button to the current version of Windows 8 but to the upcoming Windows version codenamed Windows 9 or Windows Threshold. The news seems to have despaired millions of Windows 8 users across the globe. In fact, most of the users who were planning to make a Windows 8 upgrade lately were expecting the return of Start button through the upcoming Windows 8.1 Update 2.

Microsoft demonstrates the returning Start button during BUILD conference

The tech giant signalled the return of Start button to Windows 8 during its recent BUILD conference. The brief demonstration of the returning Start button was presented to the audience during the conference. The news spread like wildfire only to be exhausted shortly after Microsoft announced lately that the Start button would not be returned to the current version of Windows but the upcoming version.

Windows Threshold- The upcoming Windows version

Sources privy to Microsoft revealed that the Start button would return to Windows Threshold, which is slated to be out in 2015. Unlike Windows 8.1 Update 2, Windows Threshold is going to be an entirely new Windows version. Users will have to buy a license before they install this update. Meanwhile, Windows 8 upgrade with the latest Windows 8.1 Update 2 files is rolled out freely to users with a valid Windows 8 license.

Windows Threshold to be a desktop friendly operating system

It is said that Microsoft would design Windows Threshold to be a desktop friendly operating system, quite contrary to Windows 8, which boasted to be a touch screen oriented operating system.

Windows 9

How To Upgrade To Windows 8

Windows 8 users destined to continue without Start button

If the reports are true, Windows 8 users will have no means to hope for the return of Start button to their operating system. They should learn to use their OS with the built-in features in it or by integrating the limited third party features like Start button. The upcoming update codenamed Windows 8.1 update 2 will only improve the security features to the Windows 8 Upgrade.

Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users are equally bothered by Microsoft’s decision not to return the Start button via the upcoming update. However, reports suggest that a large number of users who missed the Start button have started to use third party alternatives such as Start8 from StarDock and ClassicSheel.

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Fix Outlook Errors By Creating A New Profile

Microsoft Outlook Cannot Start

Features Of Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook helps you to add internet email accounts and thus download emails from the internet servers to the computer in which the account is configured. By using Microsoft Outlook, you do not have to login to the online account each time for viewing the emails. In order to view the emails received in the internet account, simply launch the Outlook program and it will download the emails from all configured accounts to the computer.

Even though Outlook is one of the best email programs, you may sometimes encounter troubles with it. Some of the common errors that might pop up in the Outlook program are Microsoft Outlook Cannot Start, Unable to open the Outlook Window, Invalid XML, the Information Store could not be opened, Microsoft Outlook has encountered a problem and needs to close, we are sorry for the inconvenience, etc. One of the simplest techniques to fix all these errors is to create a new profile. You may add a new profile for the email account with a few simple steps. In this post, we will take you through these steps.

Steps Involved

  • Open the Start menu and click on Control Panel.
  • Locate and double-click the option Mail in the Control Panel window.
  • Select Show Profiles found under the heading Profiles.
  • From the list of email accounts configured in the program, click the troubled account and then choose the button Add.
  • Give a name for the new profile in the space for Profile Name. Click OK.
  • The above step will open the window for setting up of email.
  • Choose the option for manual email configuration and click Next.

    Internet Servers

    Microsoft Outlook Configuration

  • Select Next in the new window.
  • Enter the details for the troubled email account just as you entered while configuring it earlier.
  • Once you finish filling in details like Incoming mail server, Outgoing mail server, User Name, Password etc. select Next.
  • Select the button Finish.
  • Under the option Always use this profile, you may choose the newly created profile from the drop down box.

With the above steps, you have created a new profile for the Outlook program. Keep in mind that this technique is effective in fixing most of the errors like Microsoft Outlook cannot start, Invalid XML etc. For further assistance on this issue, you may contact our technical support team or the Outlook help center.

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The Effective Method To Fix Cannot Start Outlook Error

Cannot Start Outlook

Outlook Issues

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most preferred email applications that offer several useful options to the users. Some of these features include a calendar, to-do lists, task manager options etc. that enable the users to successfully schedule the appointments as well as remember all the important dates.

In addition to it, Microsoft Outlook also stores the personal and contact information of the users securely. If Outlook address book stores the contact information of the users, the personal information is stored securely in the Personal Storage Table files with .pst extensions. Although Microsoft Outlook works fine most of the times, sometimes, users encounter certain error messages in the application. The most commonly occurring error message says- Cannot start Outlook. This mainly occurs due to the system update or a change in the computer’s registry.

Although you can contact the Microsoft technical support team anytime to get assistance on fixing such error messages, you can also do it by yourself. For fixing Cannot start Outlook error message, you can use the following instructions:

  • At first, you need to click on the Start Menu followed by Computer. Here, you need to find the Microsoft Office folder, which you can find in the Program Files directory of your local hard drive. At any point of time, you can also contact the Outlook tech support team to get more information on the features in Microsoft Outlook application and learn how to fix such issues.

    Task Manager

    Outlook Problems

  • In the next step, you need to search for the file, which is named as Outlook.exe and this can be found in the Office sub-directory. Now, the sub-directory can be named as Office9, Office10, Office12 or Office14 depending on the version of Microsoft Office you are using in the computer.
  • Now, you need to right-click on the Outlook.exe file and then click on Properties. Here, you can place a check mark in the box, which is available next to the Run this program in compatibility mode option in the Outlook application.
  • Now, you can click on OK, which would be at the bottom-right corner of the Properties window in order to save your changes in the application. With this, you should be able to run Microsoft Outlook normally as before.

These steps can help you to successfully fix the error message in Microsoft Outlook. For more information on Outlook, you may get in touch with our technical support team.

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How To Troubleshoot Common Outlook Problems

Outlook Not Working

         Outlook Not Working Issues

One of the best email application client that is now available is Microsoft Outlook and  it is blessed with many useful features and functions. Many versions of Microsoft Outlook have been released by Microsoft and the latest one that was released is Microsoft Outlook 2013. Even though this email client is much popular among the users, it is common that you experience some Outlook problems, which may need some troubleshooting to be fixed. Well, given below are some basic troubleshooting tips that will help you to fix issues whenOutlook not working.

Scanning of PST files

One of the major reasons for Outlook problems is because of the corrupted PST files. If the PST files of your Outlook become corrupted, then there is a great chance that your Outlook will not function properly. Therefore, it is best to scan your Outlook files using an application known as scanpst.exe to fix the problems associated with Outlook. Running this application will help you fix the corrupted PST files by taking an efficient back up of your data files. Generally, it will take some time to complete the scanning of PST files.


There are several cases where Outlook problems occur because of the large size of the Outlook PST files. Therefore, it is best to archive these files instead of letting PST files to grow considerably. This will avoid the Outlook problems associated with large PST files and help you to work easily with Microsoft Outlook.

Rename your OST files

Outlook Support

            Fixing Outlook Not Working Issues

Renaming of the Outlook OST files will help you in resolving some of the issues that happen with Microsoft Outlook. Open the folder that contains data files by closing the Outlook application that is opened and rename the files that end with an extension called .OST to something like .old. The Outlook will build that specific OST file once you open Microsoft Outlook for the next time.

Disabling of Antivirus software

Sometimes, enabling of the antivirus software installed in your system will be the cause for Outlook not functioning properly. In this case, it is better to disable the antivirus software that you are using and to try using Outlook once again. In most cases, this will solve the Outlook issues. However, if they were not solved, then you may need to update your antivirus solution installed in your computer.

These are some of the common troubleshooting tips that you need to follow to solve issues when Outlook not working. For further help and assistance, contact our Outlook support number.

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Easy Ways Of Fixing The 'Cannot Start Outlook' Error

Cannot Start Outlook

Outlook Errors

Microsoft Outlook is regarded as one of the most advanced email applications owing to the sophisticated features it provides the users. Some of these useful features include a calendar, task manager, to-do lists, meeting requests feature etc. These allow the users to successfully schedule their important events as well as remember the important dates. There is also a dedicated technical support team available, known as Outlook tech support team, which troubleshoots and fixes the issues related to this email program.

Outlook is also known as a personal information manager as it securely stores the personal and contact information of the users. If the personal information is saved in specific files known as personal storage tables or PST, the contact information of the users is stored securely in the Outlook address book. Microsoft Outlook is usually available as a part of the Office suite of applications. However, the program can also be purchased as a standalone application and can also work with Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server for multiple users. These include sharing mailboxes and calendars, SharePoint lists as well as meeting schedules.

The best part about Microsoft Outlook application is that the developers can also create their own custom software that works well with Outlook and other Office components by using Microsoft Visual Studio. If you’re using a Windows device, the added advantage is that you’ll be able to synchronize almost all the Outlook data to Outlook Mobile.

Personal Information Manager

Outlook Fix

Although these are some of the benefits of using the Microsoft Outlook application, sometimes issues do crop up in this program. For example, you may be trying to run Outlook when all of a sudden an error message would pop up that says – Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window. When you click on this icon, it may appear that Outlook is going to launch soon. But suddenly, the program crashes.

In such cases, where you cannot start Outlook, you can use the following instructions provided by the Outlook tech support team.

  • In the first step, you need to click on Start followed by Run
  • Once the Run box appears, you can enter the following command- outlook.exe /resetnavpane.
  • Now, click on OK.
  • Wait and see if the Outlook program is able to start.

So, the next time if you cannot start Outlook, these steps can help you out to fix the issue. To get more assistance on the same, you may contact our technical support team.

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