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The Outlook mail client is such a handy application that it can be used on mobile devices like the Blackberry. Setting up email in Outlook for such applications is as simple as it is on your computer systems. The Outlook application makes things easy and convenient for the user, as it enables attaching the email accounts of different mail message service providers.

Add your email in Outlook on BlackBerry

It might be the case that one of the email services which you are using, does not provide any support or an application to access your mail account on the BlackBerry device. However, by adding that email in Outlook on Blackberry, you can indirectly access the email irrespective of the message service provider that does not provide support for BlackBerry.

By adding all the different email accounts that you have to the Outlook application, it now becomes easier for you to access all new messages in your email inbox while on the go, using the BlackBerry device.

Follow these instructions

  • Open the Outlook application on BlackBerry. Click on the Email Setup option that you would find on the Outlook main screen. Normally, when you are accessing the Outlook application on BlackBerry for the first time, the Email Setup wizard would be launched automatically.

    Configuration settings

                   How to setup email in Outlook

  • On the Email Setup wizard, select the Add option to add a new email account to the Outlook application. The Outlook application on BlackBerry is ready with the configuration settings for the popular email service providers like Gmail and Yahoo. In other words, you do not have to configure the settings for the email accounts for these mail services.
  • The wizard would ask you enter the email address, your username, password and any other account information that is required to set up the email account in Outlook. Once this is done, the account is added to the Outlook app.
  • Alternatively, you can add the email account to the BlackBerry service by visiting the BlackBerry website. Go to the Email Setup section there, and click on the Create New Account option.
  • You would be asked to enter the PIN and the IMEI numbers to identify your device. Here also, you would have to enter the account information including the email address, username and password.

These are the different ways, in which you can add email accounts to the Outlook application on BlackBerry. Now send and receive email messages on the go.

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