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Outlook tech support, Password

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Microsoft Outlook as you know is an email client application used by millions of people around the globe. Even though it is popular program, it is not completely free from errors; as a matter of fact it is the same with any other software program. Outlook may not sometimes accept the user name and password when accessing the program. It can be really annoying if are a regular user of the application. If you are in such situation, this article will help you to fix this problem.

Instructions by Outlook Tech support

The below given instructions will help in resolving the login issues with Outlook. When the Outlook program is not accepting the User Name and Password, follow the below given steps:

  • Check the user name and password settings in Outlook.
  • Navigate to Outlook’s account manager by opening the Tools menu
  • Click on Accounts, and select Account Settings or Email Accounts, depending on which version of Outlook you are using.
  • In the accounts window, highlight the account you are trying to access by clicking on it.

    Outlook tech support, Password

    Reset password

  • Verify that the user name is filled into the proper field; also make sure that you only type the user name of the email and not the entire email address (as in, johnsmith rather than johnsmith@example.com).
  • Also make sure that the password is filled into the password field.
  • Retype the password, and make sure the remember password field is checked.
  • Try checking for new messages again.
  • If Outlook still does not accept your user name and password, further troubleshooting is required.
  • Verify that the Internet connection is working.
  • Often Outlook will present a pop-up window asking you to type in the password only because it cannot detect a working Internet connection to use.
  • ¬†Open any Internet browser and navigate to a few Web pages.
  • If you see any type of connection error, contact the technical support department of the Internet service provider (ISP) and have a representative troubleshoot the connection.
  • If your browser displays the Web pages with no connection error messages, you know the Internet connection is working and therefore Outlook should be able to connect to it.
  • If Outlook still requests the email user name and password, proceed to the previous password verification step.
  • Contact the technical support department of the email service provider.
  • Have a representative verify that you are using the correct email password, or even have him reset it to a new password and type that new password into Microsoft Outlook.

If you are sure that you are using the correct password for the email account and still outlook is not accepting the user name and password, contact Outlook tech support for assistance

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