Microsoft Outlook Doesn’t Load: How Can I Fix This?

Cannot start Outlook

            how to fix outlook problems

Microsoft allows its users to personalize the personal contacts, calendar, tasks and email using its outlook program. Sometimes you may find that you cannot start outlook, this could be because of an excessive upload of information by the users. A situation where outlook is not opening properly or does not respond, requires immediate repair to be brought on. When outlook is not responding there are several ways to get it running properly.

Guidelines to Fix Microsoft Outlook

To begin with, you have to check and see if Outlook will start when the program is started in “Safe Mode.”In order to do this, you will have to go to the “Start” button which is down in a corner of your screen. When that is done, select the “Run” option. And then in “Run“, type: outlook.exe /safe

If you are using Vista operating system then this command should be typed into the search field, instead of selecting “Run.” When you run the command, if outlook starts, then you should repair it in the operating system. Then select “Detect and Repair” by going to the “help” section or select “Help” and then “Office Diagnostics.”  If you find that Outlook does not start in “Safe Mode“, then you should put in your Outlook install disc and try to run repair from there. Also, check whether you have applied all updates for Outlook. If you still cannot start Outlook with this procedure then proceed to the next one.


You can also try to repair your inbox by running the command “scanpst.exe”. If the inbox has become corrupted, it can cause the Outlook program to fail and prevent it from opening.Scanpst.exe gets installed with the program, from any of the English-language Microsoft office CD-ROMs.

In order to run the file, you need to click on the start section and go to “Find” or “Search”. Then you should type in scanpst.exe. When the file appears, double-click on it. The inbox repair tool will appear. When this tool appears, type in the name and path of the personal folder that is corrupted. This will end in a .pst extension, or you can also click on browse to find your folder. Then all you need to do is to Click “Start” to repair the folder.

outlook is not responding

                outlook start up issues

Sometimes your outlook program may be corrupt by add-ins. What you can do in such a situation is to turn off add-ins.This is to check the program’s integrity. Then you can start the program in safe mode .Disabling add-ins is the next step. This can be done by navigating to “Tools.” Then Select “Options” and select the “Other” tab. There, you will find the “Advance E-mail Options.” Select the “Add-in Manager“, and deselect the add-ins to deactivate it.

After these three procedures are completed, you can start Outlook in the normal mode. This will help to see if the problem has been fixed or not. If it comes up again, then the issue can be resolved by adding one add-in at a time. Continue with this process until the program crashes, to cut off the one that is the cause for concern.


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