Fixing The Outlook Cannot Start Error

Microsoft Outlook Cannot Start

About Outlook Errors

One of the commonly reported Outlook problems is the Microsoft Outlook cannot start error message that pops up when you try to run the mail client. Now, MS Outlook has its fair share of errors. You can deal with or tolerate minor errors and problems. But, if the Outlook application itself is not running, then you need to get it fixed as soon as possible.

How to fix the Microsoft Outlook cannot start error?

Of course, to fix any error in Outlook (or any other software program for that matter) you need to first figure out the actual cause of the error. For example, if the problem was caused by some corruption in the Outlook files that store your Outlook profile, then you need to fix this problem to take care of this error.

On the other hand, if the cause of this problem is a virus infection, then you need to get rid of this virus from your system for the error message to disappear. An error in the Outlook Profile file can be easily fixed by following these instructions.

Your user profile file stored in Microsoft Outlook is an xml file and it would bear the profile name as the file name, for example, profilename.xml. This file can be located in the following directory in your Windows XP system – C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook.

In the case of Windows Vista and Windows 7, the file can be located in –

Outlook Files

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C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook. When you locate this file, check its size. The corrupted file would have a file size of 0 KB. To fix this problem, you need to reset the Outlook Navigation menu files. For this, execute the following command from the Run command box in your Start Menu – Outlook.exe /resetnavpane. Remember that you need to provide a space between before the forward slash.

If you are using the Microsoft Lync chat client, this might be affecting the OST file in Outlook and causing the error. In such cases, disabling the MS Lync chat client might solve the problem. For this, go to your Windows OS taskbar, right-click on the MS Lync icon, and click on the Exit option.

Now, try to start the Outlook application again. The application will be launched without any problems. These are some of the methods for fixing the Outlook cannot start error.

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